Writer's Workshop: What's it about?

A number of us have an interest in writing. Fiction, non-fiction, discuss what you're reading as well. Those of you who need to write professionally, even when writing is not your profession may gain some by running it past people who do write professionally, or just like to write.
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Writer's Workshop: What's it about?

Post by Cutlass » Sat Oct 21, 2017 11:31 pm

A number of us have written something. Some people write professionally, some do something else professionally, but from time to time it requires them to write. So my goals for this section:
  • People can post their stories, and their essays.

    Others can comment on just if they like them.

    Or others can comment on the writing in terms of content and flow.

    Or others can comment to offer constructive criticism of the technical aspects of the written piece.
We can make this as academic, or as fun, as we want to. With luck we'll all have fun and learn something.

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